Major Changes To All Servers

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Major Changes To All Servers

Unread post by Minty » Sun Apr 29, 2018 1:54 am

We've moved our servers, all of them, and have also made some changes to the ones that were running.

ARMA III: There are now three servers running various maps and mod's, Altis has been changed up to an Abramia PVP High Loot.

All other servers, think retro gaming, have also been moved and running on upgraded equipment and network connections.

Minecraft has also been moved and set up fresh as a survival server running Feed The Beast mod's.

There will be an ARMA II Day Z server coming within a week or so.

All servers are now located in Western Canada, sorry UK guys but we're working on something closer to you and will have more news when it happens.

You can find details, IP's and ports, for each on the U4EA Lounge Servers page:

If you'd like more info please join us in TeamSpeak. If you don't have the password then contact us through the web site and request access, we'll be happy to get you sorted as quickly as possible.

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